2014 Vintage Report by Alex Hunter

In January we reached -28ºC.  Everything above the hills was removed and we worked with our “insurance canes” underneath them.

The spring of 2014 was cold and wet and it seemed to last forever.  The County received 348.4 mm of rain from April to June.  Strangely, the timing was that all varietals were able to have good flowering and fruit set.

The heat units slowly increased so that by mid June our average maximum was 24*C.  Things finally warmed up a little more and dried for August.  The nights still stayed cool and I was getting a little worried.  Although we had a good crop hanging, at this point we were 2.5 weeks behind the ripening norm.

The theme of warm and dry carried through into September and things were looking great! Harvest started Early October with Pinot Gris coming in at 22 Brix and our largest yield to date.

Pinot Noir was next and it was coming in at 21-22 Brix with higher than normal tonnages as well.   After having such a cold winter and long cool spring, I couldn’t believe the numbers I was seeing. October stayed warm with even the coldest night staying above 1*C.  Wines that stand out this vintage were Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and South Bay Merlot.  I guess sometimes it’s not about how much good weather you get, it’s when you get it.


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