Finding Nuggets of Inspiration

By: Brian Hanna

For Jeremy, it’s stargazing and for Ronald, it’s backgammon.

Often, borne of necessity, we cultivate enticing, engrossing nuggets of passion.  In my case, it’s musing over restaurant wine lists culled from myriad websites around the globe. Wine lists are inventories of taste, authored by a few and well-intended for the measure and pleasure of many.  Reading one should be fun, like perusing someone’s vinyl collection; a telling reference to my age.  Some are overbearing; others aimed at frivolity.  A well-orchestrated list, however, will direct you to what’s coming out of that restaurant or bistro’s kitchen with  the aim of stimulating the senses; olfactive and gustatory.  Should you come across a wine list that stands out brimming with excitement or marred by mediocrity or is simply unintelligible, please pass them on to me,