Various Tricks to Win the Dominoqq Game

Various Tricks to Win the Dominoqq Game

In 1 pack Domino Card consists of 28 pcs of cards, Each card has a number of red round points with a count of 0 to 6 and separated by 2 sides.

QQ Domino players will be given 3 pcs of cards at the start of playing. After that, at that time the Bet / Bets will be instructed to increase from all players. If the Final Bet takes place, the dealer will give the final card to determine the winner.

Meaning on Domino QQ: Checks that is Obeying the running bet value, Call means meaning Obeying the bet value that is raised by other players, Fold means giving up or maybe not following the game after the card is closed, Raise means Increasing the bet, All In has the meaning of betting all The chip is on the table.


For Good Tricks To Win To Play Dominoqq

The trick to calculate the domino card, Qiu Qiu, is light, when the first 3 cards are distributed there are 2 cards.

In playing for example from 3 cards that are distributed Cards We get 6|6+6|1 & Balak 0|5 finished. Our card totals are 9 / Kiu & 3 / Three, so the chances of finding Kiu Kiu or 99 are quite wide open, so if there is already a 9

A number of cases take place the same results or series when the final results, so must be watched from the Level Dot Card Balak. If we feel that today has good hockey, it is better to comply with the installation of Jackpots At least Rp. 100, Rp. 200, Rp. 500 & Rp. 1,000, –
Guidelines for Playing Domino QQ Tricks
Special Cards / High Cards in the Domino Qiu Qiu game:


Surefire Tricks Will Win With Dominoqq

Pure Small Card: Consists of 4 pcs cards that we hold with a Total Count of No More Than 9 Spheres / Dots on a domino.
Pure Big Card: Consists of 4 pcs cards that we hold with a total of 40 Rounds / Dots on a domino.
Balak Cards: Consists of 4 pcs cards that we hold Balak Equal.
DEWA 6 Card: Consists of 4 pcs cards in which we hold 6 / Six cards. QQ Domino Multi Jackpot System:

Abundant Benefits from the Multi Global Jacpot Method, Because Jackpot Bonuses are earned. Big enough to expect you everyday and certainly we have a great opportunity. Get Special Cards in dominoqq
Nominal Purchases to comply with the Jackpot can also be reached starting from Rp. 100, Rp. 500 as well as Rp. 1,000, – but can have Opportunities to Achieve Million Bonus Prizes.