Bounty In The County

Bounty In The County

Enjoy a full culinary experience with chef & food writer, Cynthia Peters.

Enjoy a full culinary experience with chef & food writer, Cynthia Peters. Sessions are conducted at her restored 1830’s farmhouse and offer cooking classes that highlight the art of seasonal country cooking. From meeting local farmers to preparing traditional favorites in her state-of-the-art chef’s home kitchen – the day will capture your heart and your senses. Packages may include, but are not limited to: culinary class with lunch, dinner off site at partnering restaurant, shuttle service and wine tasting & tour at Huff Estates Winery. Please note your own vehicle is required.

Couples Culinary Adventure
from $650.00/couple (May to Oct)

From the Farm cooking school is open Mar – Nov.

Call 866-484-4667 or click here check availability

News & Events

April 19 2021

Tickled Pink! - Brian Hanna

Go on… ask me. Do we sell Rosé at Huff Estates? Golly! Do we ever! Not one, not two, nor three but four of ‘em. You could probably surmise that ...

July 18 2019

Self Restraint...Discipline

 Moderation in consumption is one matter while the elements of discipline and self restraint yet another. Example in point: two recently released reds, both from the winery’s South Bay ...

May 20 2019

How To Drink Huff Wines Responsibly

Riesling Off Dry – This is an ideal wine for sipping on the patio while sharing some laughs and memories with some long-time friends… or for those who live ...

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