How To Drink Huff Wines Responsibly

Riesling Off Dry – This is an ideal wine for sipping on the patio while sharing some laughs and memories with some long-time friends… or for those who live with their cat a TGIF Netflix night will also do.

All Day Rosé – As the name suggests, perfect for enjoying no matter what time of day (after 11am of course) and is ideal for the Coleman cooler in a beach setting. Be sure to bring reserves.

Pinot Gris – Apertif to enjoy while on your yacht … or dingy, whichever you prefer. Also, a great wine to “pregame” before going out with friends or a date night. Light and easy to calm the nerves and doesn’t leave you with that awkward purple stained mouth.

Rosé – The ultimate picnic wine. Pack some cold cuts, fresh greens, baguette, and a cooler of course! Equipped with a screw cap for ease of reseal and travel, but we have yet to meet someone who needed it.

South Bay Chardonnay – A great compliment to any meal. Showcase this wine while hosting a fancy dinner party and as it flows, so will the conversation. Just don’t open while cooking, otherwise it might not make it to the table…the wine nor the host.

Merlot – Ideal wine to bring to an outdoor BBQ, tailgate party, or even camping. This wine is fruity, well structured, highly versatile, and a perfect chaser to the spice rubbed, sauce covered protein you’ll likely be consuming.

Pinot Noir – Heading over to someone’s place for a dinner party? As long as it is someone you genuinely like, this is the wine to bring. Be proud to showcase this star grape varietal of the County. If not overly fond of the host… wait until you get home then open, pour, enjoy, repeat.

South Bay Cabernet Franc – This is a fantastic harvest wine and pairs well with roadside farm stands. Enjoy the bountiful vegetables of the County grilled on BBQ while sipping this gem.

South Bay Merlot – Marinating a steak, slow cooking a roast, or smoking some ribs for a family gathering? Pop the cork, channel your inner “Tim The Tool Man” grunt, and pour with confidence.

Cuvee Peter – Celebrating something? Perhaps a milestone such as a promotion, retirement, or maybe simply a 43rd birthday? Perhaps a special date like New Year’s, anniversary, or Tuesday. This wine is the answer.

Cuvee Janine – Entertaining at your place? Pour this crowd pleaser upon arrival to ease the tension and get the conversation going. Be sure to keep Aunt Suzy to two glasses – this wine can get away from you.

First Frost- Not to be confused with an Icewine, this light dessert wine can be enjoyed with a cheese platter (specially bleu veins) or is a perfect companion for after dinner to drink and be merry, not sink in the couch and snore through the football game.

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