2017 First Frost


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  • Tasting Notes

With a pale straw demeanour, this light dessert wine is bursting with a cocktail blend of exotic fruit sorbet ( papaya, apricot, passion fruit, lychee and peach). Caramelized pineapple joins in on the palate. A bewitching balance of sweetness and acidity allow for an enticing finishing note. Best served at 6-7 C.

  • Wine Specs

Sugar – 44g/L
Alc – 9.5%
Bottle size – 500ml
Production – 200 cases

  • Food Pairings

Savoury desserts – flans, lemon custard, honey lavender cake, rice pudding with chai spice

Fruit based – Mango/lime granita, poached pear hazelnut mousse or seasonal fruit with vanilla pannacotta

Cheese – light blue veins

  • Recommended Enjoyment

Not to be confused with an Icewine, this light dessert wine can be enjoyed with a cheese platter (specially bleu veins) or is a perfect companion for after dinner to drink and be merry, not sink in the couch and snore through the football game.